Computer Networking

  • Networking: a brief overview

  • Communication Media: Wired Technologies – Co-Axial, Ethernet Cable, Optical Fiber; Wireless
    Technologies – Blue Tooth, Infrared, Microwave, Radio Link, Satellite Link;

  • Network Devices: Hub, Switch, Repeater, Gateway – and their functions

  • Types of network: LAN, MAN, WAN, PAN;

  • Network Topologies: Star, Bus, Tree

  • Network Protocols: HTTP, TCP/IP, PPP,Remote access software such as Team Viewer;

  • Identifying computers and users over a network:Basic concept of domain name, MAC (Media
    Access Control), and IP Address, domain name resolution

  • Network security: denial of service, intrusion problems, snooping

  • Internet Applications: SMS, Voice Mail, Electronic Mail, Chat, Video Conferencing

  • Wireless/Mobile Communication: GSM, CDMA, WLL, 3G, 4G

  • Network Security Concepts: Cyber Law, Firewall, Cookies, Hackers and Crackers